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A belated Introduction

I've been in the community for a bit but have yet to introduce myself. so here goes!

Name: Angie (aka Angry or Anjiko-Z depending on from where you know me)
Age: 25
Residence: Bloomington IN
What do you do (hobbies, jobs, etc): I draw, write, and LOOOOOOVE to bake
When/Why did you become a Seuss fan: The imaginative characters and worlds
Favorite Dr. Seuss Book(s): The Lorax, The Sleep Book and How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Extra stories/tidbits you'd like to add: I like wasabi peas and kittens XD

I remember being very small going to the Library every week on summer vacation with my mom, sisters and best friend Jill and each time I would head STRAIGHT to the Dr Seuss section. Once there I would check out as many Seuss books as the Librarian (and my Mom haha) would allow me. It wouldn't matter if I had read them 500 times or never I could not get enough of the Imagination that overflowed from those pages.


sweet! That is a fun story about the library. . . I think one of the best things about Seuss is that he brings us back to that happy place from childhood.
Very much agreed. I used to doodle things like vehicles and houses that were inspired from the books I read on a chalk board and then my sisters and I would make up stories to go with the crazy drawings... I have nothing but good memories attached to Dr Seuss
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August 2009

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