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Seuss Art

Since this is a community for Anything Seuss, I thought I'd share my Seuss inspired art.When I obess over something (like my current Seussical obsession) I tend to do alot of art centered around that obsesson. I've just put these two on my art website the other night, and thought that the community here may appreciate it, maybe!

I call this "Egg, Nest and Tree" and its my version of Horton the Elephant sleeping in Mazie's nest protecting the egg. I thought about making him drool a bit, but decieded against it. Turned out more serious than funny but I'm happy with it! (It was the first nice piece I've done with my new professional artist markers :D )  Those are Trafula (sp?) trees in the background.

I made this to be the background of my fishtank...I still need to cover it in contact paper. Drawn using the cover art of "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" for reference. I used chalk pastels! yeay!

Hope you all enjoyed that!



Oh this is great! I love fan art! And trust me I do the SAME THING when I have obsessive fandom with things. My DA gallery is chock full of all kinds of fan art. I particularly like the fish, the shading is quite nice.
cool! Whats your DA name? I'll have to check out your art! I have a DA acount but theres like...3 crappy pictures in it. I put every thing on my website, Music Doodle.

Thanks for the complements! ITs always fun finding other artsy people here in lj land!
my da name is angryangie :)
Credit: diablo_dancer

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